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Together we will harness the power of communication in a fun,  motivating, & encouraging environment.

A whole-child approach to speech, language, literacy, &  social skills therapy for children birth to 18 years.


A whole-child approach to



literacy, &

social skills


for children

birth to 18 years.


we will

harness the

power of


in a fun,


& encouraging environment.



Welcome to Mirror Me Therapy, where it is our mission to excite, educate, and foster relationships through the power of communication. We provide a whole-child and family-centered approach to therapy with the use of fun, research-based treatment techniques. We believe knowledge is power, and it is our goal to ensure we thoroughly provide education and resources to parents that help children develop and thrive. Our therapist creates an engaging play-based environment for children and parents to learn, grow, feel safe, and welcome.


Evaluation & Therapy Services

Articulation Disorders • Phonological Delays & Disorders • Childhood Apraxia of Speech


We provide comprehensive articulation assessments to determine the sounds your child is having difficulty producing. Following the evaluation, we will review the results and determine an appropriate plan of care. Once therapy begins, we combine evidence-based approaches with fun and interactive activities to support your child in achieving their goals. At Mirror Me, our speech therapy services focus on:

  • Increasing overall speech intelligibility

  • Helping children effectively communicate 

  • Teaching children new sounds and correcting distorted sounds

  • Learning how to blend sounds together for clear speech

  • Understanding how to use an appropriate rate of speech

  • Parent coaching to support speech development at home

Receptive Language • Expressive Language • Late Talkers • Language-Based Literacy Disorders

Language & Literacy

To help us understand each child's unique abilities and challenges, services begin with a comprehensive language evaluation or a review of your child’s recent evaluation. The evaluation process allows us to identify the underlying issues to create meaningful and individualized goals. Our evidence-based interventions for language delays and disorders will help your child:

  • Effectively communicate wants, needs, ideas, and more!

  • Follow multi-step directions

  • Engage in conversation

  • Ask and answer questions

  • Expand vocabulary and descriptive language

  • Improve their grammar 

  • Address reading, writing, and spelling challenges

Pragmatics • Social Skills Delays & Disorders • Limited Play Skills • Autism • ADHD

Social Skills 

At Mirror Me, we evaluate and treat social cognition and play skills to understand how a child navigates the social world, interacts with peers and adults, and makes sense of the nuances of language, humor, conflict, and play. Once we have an understanding of your child's abilities, challenges, and preferences, therapy will be individualized to address specific skills related to social interaction, play, and social language. Our whole-child approach will support your child's skill development while building their confidence. Social cognition therapy focuses on:

  • Engaging with peers in a meaningful way

  • Expanding play skills

  • Addressing social-emotional learning and self-regulation

  • Understanding non-verbal communication

  • Developing strategies for navigating social interactions at home, in school, and in the community​

Therapy Where It Works For You

We provide traditional, functional, and play-based therapy in your home or via teletherapy. We believe family involvement is essential to a child’s success. Therefore, we are committed to providing families with the support and knowledge they need to promote ongoing practice to ensure we achieve lasting success. When necessary, we offer onsite observations at your child's preschool or daycare and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your child's teachers and care providers.  

At Home

Speech and Language therapy in Houston, TX


Language and L


Social Skills therapy in Houston, TX

In-person therapy is available for families throughout the Houston, TX metro area. We are also licensed to provide teletherapy for families located anywhere in Texas or Missouri.


“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”

~ Jess Lair

Summer Workshops
Summer Workshops for kids speech language literacy social skills in Houston, TX

Workshops & Groups

We are now offering group workshops to help your child to grow. Our groups will focus on specific domains such as speech, language, social skills, or literacy. Enter your email below for more information.

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Meet Ty
Ty Jones Speech-Language Pathologist

Ty Jones M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

Ty became a speech-language pathologist because she believes she was born to help others. She is passionate about learning, researching, and helping people reach their full potential. Communication is an essential part of life and the idea that she can help others connect with the world around her fuels the enthusiasm and energy she brings to her therapy sessions. She strives to give families the hope, support, and peace of mind they need. Growing up with a close family member who required multiple surgeries and therapies, she understands the need to help families embrace the therapeutic process and navigate the unknown. She believes family involvement creates positive and lasting success for her clients.


Ty has been a practicing speech pathologist for nearly a decade. She received her undergraduate degree in communication disorders at Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) and her graduate degree in communication disorders at the University of Central Missouri (UCM). She specializes in helping children of all ages in the areas of speech, social skills, and language. She is committed to providing research-based methods in fun and engaging ways. Ty also strives to be a vital resource and family advocate during the IEP and IFSP process so every child is able to have their needs met at school. 


Her vibrant and fun personality helps her connect with families and support their growth and success. When she is not providing therapy, you can find Ty hanging out with her family, doing puzzles, Cricut projects, and working out. 



Give us a call! You will speak directly with Ty who will answer your questions and make recommendations for the next steps based on your concerns. If an evaluation is recommended, we will schedule your initial session to take place within 2 weeks. 


We will begin with an evaluation, or a review of your recent evaluation to understand your child's abilities and challenges. Once the evaluation is completed, we will collaborate with parents to develop a treatment plan and goals.


Therapy will be provided in the most appropriate location for your child. Session length and frequency are based on individual needs. Once therapy begins, we will take regular data to ensure your child is making progress toward achieving their goals!

Getting Started

Get Started with Mirror Me

Contact Us

Contact Us



Ty Jones, M.S., CCC-SLP

Phone: (936) 444-7430

Thank you for contacting Mirror Me Therapy. We will be in touch within 48 hours.

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